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The Wait Is Over For Another Property

21 WEST WAY OLD GREENWICH - LIST 5,750,000 21 West Way started it's long listing journey in 2016 at 7.2M, remarkably staying with the same agent throughout. Listed by Berkshire Hathaway

25 Game Cock Road Gets A Deal

After much time and quite a few price adjustments. Nearly 2 years ago starting at $4.9M, with the current list price at $3.1M, it has a deal. 25 GAME COCK ROAD - LIST $3.1M We will have to wait to see the sold price once/if the fat lady sings.

Open House Pick - Provence in Greenwich

11 SIMMONS LANE LISTING Simmons is a beautiful lane in mid-country Greenwich, albeit now divided in 2 acre zoning of what once was The Simmons Estate.  11 Simmons Lane is very special, with so many authentic finishes, materials and meticulous attention to detail. A thoughtful consideration to energy efficiency, and natural beauty, it evokes a warm feeling. Reclaimed wood, fireplace mantles and even the roof tiles were transplanted to compliment the owner's vision of a beautiful living experience.  The kitchen and family area are practical yet luxe.  What you will not find here, are the builder specials such as theater, wine cellar, and golf simulator. But you will enjoy one of the most peaceful interiors, glorious natural gardens, and a lovely pool area that will insist on peaceful relaxation. Listed by Martha Jeffrey/Ogilvy

Deal / No Deal / Done Deal

80 Midwood Road Greenwich CT This Deer Park Association property first reported a pending deal on May 6th. It was then returned to inventory on May 28th, so it appeared that the deal fell through, for whatever reason - there are many things that can happen, even with a cash deal. But it appears that the same buyer came back to the table AND ponied up an additional 100K over asking price. This usually indicates that there are multiple offers, although there may be other reasons for this situation. Listed with Sotheby's Joe Barbieri for 5.9 - It closed today for 6M.

Tres Chic!