Change of Color, Agent Genius or Price - Contract in 6 Days

I'd say that it's choice #3 - After 4 agents, going from high 4's to mid 3's, it doesn't take a wizard to figure it out. And there are only 3 homes on the market in Riverside priced between 3.5 and 3.6. The street/location won among few choices.

I'm surprised that the 1st listing didn't go to the agent who sold this property back in 2009 for $4,775,000. But the agent who did get the listing in 2013, priced it at 5,195,000, so there you go. 

Also surprising is that the newest listing didn't go to the agent who at least got a lease accomplished in 2016. There is the possibility that he didn't want the listing.

Forget loyalty, it's the dog that barks the loudest that gets heard.

Listed: Metalios / Raveis


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