How Do You Go From Nearly $10M to This?

Price it too high in the beginning - even in an up market!

This home was first listed in 2006 for 9,850,000 where it sat for 426 days. They then brought it back to market for an even higher tag in 2009 - wait - what? Yup 9,950,000 where it sat for another 335 days. They rented it in 2012, and then decided that it was time to get real. Enter Spring 2017 for 5,395,000, which didn't seem crazy for an 11,000SF stone/slate home on 3+ acres in 1 acre zoning. But all those years in estate, most likely didn't do justice to the property or the sellers.

Lowered 12 days ago @ 3,895,000 - I wouldn't be surprised if it goes over this price. Shame man!


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