Back for Another Round - UPDATE

Wow! After reporting on these two properties just this morning, 12 Indian Drive reports a pending contract - which means most likely a cash deal. It was only on for a handful of days, so there may have been a buyer in play when it was re-listed? Otherwise, why wouldn't the buyer's agent secure a single client listing - unless they couldn't locate the owner? It was in an LLC, although I believe that the Milstein family in NYC owns it.

There are buyers out there! It will be interesting to see where the dust settles.

The sellers paid 14,100,000 in 2012 and tried selling it in 2015 for 15,995,000 - where it sat for 512 days.  It came back to market with another agent for 13,250,000 for another 391 days. Here it is again for 250,000 MORE than when it was last listed. 


The sellers paid 4.7M for this in 2004, and have been trying to sell it since 2014. The current price is 3,950,000 or one can rent it for 18K.


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