Close to Transportation Works in Today's Market

An example of a beautiful renovation that got a buyer's attention, is 30 GEORGETOWNE NORTH
Priced at 1,450,000 one of the highest prices in this condo association, went into contract yesterday. The sellers bought it for 860,000 in 2017.


Renovations aren't everything, price has got to be right as well. This home in the Milbrook Association, took 190 days to get a deal, after a couple of price reductions. It began it's listing journey in March at 2,995,000. The current list price is 2,580,000. The sellers bought it in 2011 for 2M, and did just about everything to it, including adding a pool - so they're not getting rich but they're getting out.


The sellers bought this for 1,850,000 in 2016. Now listed for 1,895,000, it gets a quick deal in 26 days. The sellers bought it with 2012 renovations,  made improvements to the back yard,  and made a few color changes...this time around, the photos were hugely improved - all of this contributed to finding a buyer quickly.


The sellers bought this in 2003 for $765,000 and have found a buyer with a list price of 1,825,000 after 51 days. Move in ready, located close to the train, this fits the profile of the Millenial buyer.


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