Reduced - We'll See - It's Competing With 24 Other Properties Priced Between 6M - 7M

10 are located South of the Parkway, 7 are North of the Parkway, 3 South of the Post Road, 3 in Old Greenwich and 1 in Riverside.

This property was once the address for a 1940's classic colonial, which sold to it's current owners/sellers for 4.2M in 2007 (see below). They introduced it to the market as the new house above, for 8,295,000, and they were denied (pricing history below). The market didn't not care that the owners paid for an original house + lot + new construction on Parsonage. 

They've increased their odds at selling their property by lowering it to between $6M and $7M - no surprise. There were 15 homes in this range that sold in the last 365 days as opposed to 10 that sold between $7M and $8M.


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