Contracts Reported - 4M,3M,2M,1M

Beautiful new construction in Ledge Rd took a couple of years to get a deal, but when the price is right, buyers will come. Starting in the mid 5's, it got a deal when the price was reduced to 4,295,000.

Old dated house, and we will not be shocked when a new house is built here. 5.86 acres on a beautiful street.

You want to sell an old house? This is how you do it. Beautiful. Starting 59 days ago at 3,295,000 it was reduced to 3,095,000 and got a deal. And I wouldn't be shocked if it went slightly over this last list price. It's a brand new house basically, expanded and improved on an original concept.

Finally! With an extremely long history of days on market, mortgages, liens, re-packaging, agents - at 2,950,000 this property has attracted a buyer. It was purchased in 2003 for 3,150,000. The shell of the house still stands. 3.37 acres in RA1 zoning.

After just 59 days, this little charmer got a deal on an asking price of $1,095,000. The sellers bought it in 2009 for 890,000. Busy through street into Old Greenwich, it will never command strong price, but it's a convenient roof over one's head and for many, beats renting.

It only took 8 days before this was reported. List price 985,000. The sellers bought it in 2014  for 829,000 after only 4 days. It's super cute, and also on a through street going from Hamilton Avenue to Putnam Avenue, but great for commuters.


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