Big Ticket Closings Today North and South

26 WOODDALE RD - $7,778,500 - 175 DAYS ON MARKET

The seller bought this property in 2010 for $8.2 - so surely they are less than thrilled...11K SF, 6 bedrooms, 2 acres. Original asking price $8.7M
179 BEDFORD ROAD - $8,145,000 - 783 DAYS ON MARKET

Sellers bought this for $5,809,696 - the crazy number is most likely the result of a bidding war, and this was the number recorded in the tax record - not the MLS. They originally listed it for $9,750,000. They of course not only maintained the property beautifully, but added on...there are lots of goodies - outbuildings, a pool, tennis court and 9+ acres...


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