Busy, Busy, Busy - In Contract

1535 E Putnam Ave 301
1535 Putnam Ave - #301 - List $295,000
Tried to get a horse to water on this one, but he didn't drink...shame
25 Sheffield Way
25 Sheffield Way - List $3,645,000
South of the Merritt - off Round Hill - the sellers bought it in '02 for $3,437,5oo - it will be interesting to see what round number that they finally reached to sell it
7 Essex Rd
7 Essex Rd - List $959,000
Sellers bought it in 2000 for $575K. The listing claims renovations in 2014, but not through the whole house - kitchen, one bath and some paint here and there - so if they get close to asking price, they should be pleased. '66 was not a banner year for great construction, and someone had a roof over their heads for 14 years.
303 Bruce Park Ave
303 Bruce Park Ave - List $699,000
I'd shown this property, and it is really cute, staged - and for the money, and most likely a bit less, a buyer will at least have a renovated 3 bedroom rental - or enjoy an in-town downsize themselves. They tried to get just under a million 4 years ago and gave up at $795K,  and rented it for $3200 in 2010.
605 North St
605 North Street - List $7,305,000
At least, this Georgian is consistent front and back - beautiful construction with all the bells and whistles. The sellers bought the lot in 2005, built the mansion and tried to sell it for $12,500,000 - the price went up, down and sideways before finally renting in '09 for $28k. They tried to bring it back in 2011 for $10,495,000 and rent for $35K but they both expired. Another stab in 2012 for $9,998,000 with Luxury Properties International offering owner financing, and that still didn't get it done...so finally, quite a few million shy of the big first ticket, someone sees a place to live.
2 Gregory Rd
2 Gregory Rd - Cos Cob - List $2,150,000 - .3 acres - 3700SF
Gregory is a road off Valley in Cos Cob, that is seeing a redux - much like some of the streets in Riverside that used to be lined with split levels. At the moment, there is a lot on the market with a house on it, 18 Gregory listed for $889,000. Interestingly the listing realtor couldn't give me the FAR, but she has it listed both as a house and land...I'm sure that the sellers are hoping for an end user, because a builder would probably want it for $600K or less. By the way, FAR approximately is 4390 for #18 - depending on setbacks.


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