Unusual Waterfront Luxury Properties - One in Contract - The Other Waiting in the Wings

209 Long Neck Point Rd Darien
209 Long Neck Point - Darien - $12,500,000

Screen shot 2014-11-19 at 6.10.24 AM

One has to wonder, if 140 Wallacks Drive in Stamford would have a deal today, if it had begun it's pricing journey similarly to 209 Long Neck @ $12M+. It's long, continuing journey began over 1000 days ago when it was introduced at $18M. It is not listed on the Greenwich MLS - not smart...
There are considerations to pricing that go beyond the square footage and acreage - and these two properties tell that story. Pricing any waterfront property relies on where that shoreline is.  Wallacks Drive is twice the square footage, nearly twice the acreage - so one would think that these differences would compensate for Stamford vs Darien.

Market trends rule - and may be one part of the reason that Long Neck has a deal and Wallack's Drive does not.

Today's buyer wants:
  • Relevant decor
  • Move in ready
  • Smaller Scale
  • Convenient Location
170 Wallacks Dr
149 Wallacks Drive - Stamford - Caritas - Now $8,995,000
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