Meadows: 2 Woods, 1 Croft - Pending, New and In Contract - Prices are Everywhere

This should be interesting - 41 Meadow Wood listed this week for $12M may find it tough to get a buyer since 45 Meadow Wood is now in pending status with a list of $6,750,000. I just wrote  about the latter because it is so beautiful and the price reduction versus the value was noteworthy
So Here is 41 - 4.7 acres and 8 car garage - specific style as we say - translated: Limited audience

When the sellers bought it for $6M in 2006 it was a 4600SF+ charming colonial with stone walls,wisteria and then turned into what you see today - double the square footage and they would like to see a double in their investment...time will tell - I say, not a chance especially given that 45 Meadow Wood is in contract with a list of $6,750,000
41 Meadow Wood Dr
41 Meadow Wood Dr - Good Luck With This One
Screen shot 2014-11-10 at 3.02.43 PM
And here is 45 - and it does have a pool although the listing does not state this:
45 Meadow Wood Aerial
45 Meadow Wood Dr - in Pending Status - List $6,750,000
Then in contract yesterday....
11 Meadowcorft Lane
11 Meadowcroft Lane - In Contract $6,950,000 - Now offered with 3.26 Acres
Screen shot 2014-11-11 at 6.38.51 AM
This property has been on the market since 2012 - offered with 5.91 at the high of $14,500,000. It was then offered as it is packaged today with 3.26 acres for $8,800,000 with no price reductions - it expired. Brought back to market as the first package of 5.91 acres for $12,900,000 - same realtor (I need just a small percentage of this kind of love) It was finally given to another realtor where it has been on market since January - starting at $7,800,000 and then reduced to $6,950,000 just under where the town has set it appraised value. So much time wasted and clearly could have been avoided...
The motto - if it looks too good to be true, it probably is...if you're the seller or the buyer.


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