156 Chestnut Hill Rd - What next for this Old Gal?

156 Chestnut Hill Rd - Wilton,CT is back on the  market for $1,099,000. Owner: The Wilton Bank

I am not the listing agent, but here is a recent history of 156 Chestnut Hill Rd

2002 - Sold for $950
(As an option, they had packaged the barn and home separately - $795,000 for the home below and $595,000 for the barn on 3+ acres)
but it sold with both buildings and property

then...2005 - Builder #1

Restored Stately 6 Bedroom Colonial on 7 pastoral acres with Barn 

156 Chestnut Hill Rd - Wilton, CT

And this WAS virtual tour of the home  - beautifully presented by The Higgins Group - had been listed for $2,495,000


...then Builder #2 bought it in 2007 for $1,850,000
  • He demolished the barn - that had been an income producing property
 so cute! bye bye 

  • Pool - gone
  • Subdivided into 3 parcels,  approximately 2 acres each - with the middle property line extending into the existing home's backyard view
  • The septic for the home was actually on the middle lot - so a brand new septic has been installed
  • Builder #2 listed the main home and (2) land parcels, with no bids - last list price for the home was just over $1M. The (2) other lots were listed at approximately $799 each
  • Builder #2 rents the property for a couple of terms because he cannot sell the property 
...foreclosure spring 2010
  • Bank owns the property
  • Present renters are paying the bank
  • Bank sells lot #1 for $499 7/27/10
  • Bank sells lot #2 (middle) $460 12/23/10
...this was the backyard photographed last summer 2010 - most of the property beyond the stone wall now belongs to the middle property where a home is in the process off being constructed

What next?


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