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Happy Halloween + The Power of Pink

For supporters of our breast cancer drive, the Old Greenwich office - 189 Sound Beach Ave. -  is handing out pink pumpkins - while they last! Just a little perky perk for donating to a good cause...Each Raffle Ticket is $5.00 and there are 20 great prizes - Diamonds and Gold, Plasma TV, $1K gift card at Home Depot, Compaq Notebook, Kindle, Apple Nano, Travel prizes and more. Stop by!

If this street could talk! Tinker Lane

I "tink" that it would say, that there is a discount for it's proximity to the Merritt 7 Tinker is the most recent "re-activated" listing,  is a veteran to the MLS.  Good news for a potential imminent sale is that it is now priced below assessment. The owner is in foreclosure, so is this the reason that interior photos have not been submitted - one wonders? In fairness, there were no interior shots submitted in 2004 either. In most foreclosure situations, it is buyer beware, since the payment to the bank is most likely not the only thing to have been neglected. 7 Tinker Lane In 2004, 7 Tinker assessed at $2,066,750 and it is now assessing at $2,044,490 and the new listing price is $1,875,000. It was renovated in 2002, and the verbal listing descriptions are not so compelling, since the renovation in '04 - understandably.... This home is situated on an oversized level 2.76 acres - zoned RA2 -  so you have a bit more elbow room than most of the other lo

Pumpkin Power

Did you know that  pumpkins  and   their seeds can stave off cancer?   Pumpkins  contain  hypoglycemic substances that may improve diabetes. Pumpkins and pumpkin seeds have components such as squalene, carotenoids,  b-carotene,  zeaxanthin  and  various  tocopherols with suspected  or demonstrated cancer fighting properties. Pumpkin polysaccharide has been shown to possess significant cytoprotective effect and antioxidative activity. William Raveis Breast Cancer Foundation raises money and awareness each year during October.  This year's raffle tickets are $5.00 each, and the prizes that will be raffled are on the pink ticket. Tickets can be purchased by stopping by any of our offices. In Greenwich, we have offices at 45 Field Point Rd. and Old Greenwich 189 Sound Beach Ave. William Raveis has offices throughout New England - visit: 

Coyote vs Cat or Cat vs Coyote

Coyotes are everywhere,  and they  seem  to be a  dominant  predator,  even in the most  populated neighborhoods....from Rye, NY where small children were recently attacked in their own backyards, to the postings across Fairfield County for "lost" pets - mostly cats and dogs...last week, on Druid Lane in Riverside, CT,  our friend's daughter's rabbit was victim to a coyote - and the tenacious hunter broke into the cage for his "dinner"! Take a look at this fearless feline, who was a bit more successful in staving off a potential devouring, however, your pet may not have the same communication skills as this Orange County Kitty.

Nosy Neighbors Give Great Scoop!

This Sunday,  I held an open house for a King Merritt home that is available for rent. As I was setting up the Public Open House signs along King, Bowman and Heather Lane, I also slipped invitations for neighbors to drop by. Guess  what? They all came - excusing themselves as "nosy neighbors"  as I welcomed  them with open arms and a big smile.  I often get asked  -  "why would you invite the neighbors?". Many reasons: 1. If they like living there, they will recommend the neighborhood to others... 2. They may want more of their family members to live close by 3. You  get the  details  of  previous  owners or tenants (as is the case here) and sometimes it is quite colorful. It definitely helps to build a case for getting former landlord references for future tenants,  as  well  as credit checks for those tenants who flee in the middle of the night instead of ponying up past due rent! 4. The more the merrier in any shopping situation - it makes the property l

Renting vs Buying

There is lots of  discussion about  this but mostly on an average  basis,   like the article  that  CNBC wrote yesterday.  They provided average indexes for renting versus buying,  in metropolitan  markets in the US  such as San Francisco, Seattle, Boston, New York, Las Vegas  etc... Sometimes there are homes/condos that are just for rent, and other times there are homes that offer both, buying or renting.  This is the case with the example in this article. 66 Cherry Valley Rd -  Off Round Hill  -  designed by architect Ulrich Franzen  - built in 1992. It is listed for 13,000,000 or you can rent this interesting home for a mere $40,000 a month. The William Raveis calculator takes into consideration, the cost of the money applied  to the down  payment,   in what otherwise might be yielding higher returns elsewhere and adds this to the cost of owning..fair enough. And for this calculation,  we've applied .01% appreciation over 30  years  of the mortgage  -   knowing that

Video Marketing - Serious Fun!

Music makes it more interesting - captures the emotion, and brings you back to places that are sometimes fun to re-visit and sometimes sad.  We  can  always  remember  songs  that  became popular when we first fell in love, when we were in school, or during a favorite vacation. We attach emotion to songs much the same way that fragrance triggers memories - some pleasant - some, not so much.... Hopefully this video may inspire those looking to live in beautiful Greenwich, CT to visit this Open House located at 4 Heather Lane, Greenwich, CT - exit 120A from the Hutch or Merritt - King St. to Bowman St. to Heather Lane - very first house on right -  Sunday October 24th from 1 - 4PM. For those traditionalists, and those beginning new traditions with their young kids, cookies and cider will be served. See you in the neighborhood!

Thank you Daily Easton - We can all use a good word!

New Agent Enjoys The Challenge The Daily Easton     New Agent Enjoys The Challenge by Fenella Pearson 10/18/10 Deb Halsey, of William Raveis in Greenwich. Photo credit: Fenella Pearson, ASID   Changing jobs always takes guts – and deciding to become a realtor at the end of 2009, when the market wasn’t too hot, struck Deb Halsey as the perfect career move.  “I was bitten by the ‘house bug’ when I bought my very first apartment in Manhattan,” said Deb, “And that was during a down market.” Deb, husband Chuck and fat cat, Nickie, moved to Greenwich six years ago. “We wanted to buy a house but had some concerns about the housing market,” she said, so they ended up renting in back-country Greenwich after making offers on a couple of houses that ended up in a bidding war. Learning the ropes as a brand new real estate agent takes time. “I do a lot of desk duty in the Raveis office and I listen to everything that goes on. It’s the only way to learn – listening to the agents who have been

Trulia is Truly Annoying - Or should we look in the mirror?

It's great that there are websites that scrape for information, providing consumers the opportunity to look for homes on line, as well as well as see where the homes are located in 3D, find school, community and shopping information in one place. The information is not always 100% accurate, but I am sure that there is a clause somewhere that provides an escape mechanism from liability. There is even an area on the site that provides a forum where real estate "professionals" can offer advice to others, however, the answers given are often ambiguous, since many of these snippets come from realtors who chime in about locales of which they have no knowledge. As global as the marketplace is, there are still laws which are governed by each state. We should stop trying to purport that we have a Phd in EVERYTHING! We, "the professionals" also consistently push that "now is the time to buy. That's profound. How about addressing consumer confidence. Having